Eachine E011 Mods: Adding a Connector for Easy Flashing

Eachine E011 Mods: Adding a Connector for Easy Flashing

Here’s a quick and robust way to add a flashing port to your E011 flight controller in just a few minutes. After I flashed silverware to my E011 I quickly learned that it’s usually not a once and done affair. You’ll want to tweak settings and enable/disable different things as you go along and as you get better at tuning and refining the settings for your micro quad. My beecore v2 has a built-in USB port which makes updating settings very simple, so I wanted something like this for silverware.

The simplest way to do this is to purchase some JST 1.25 4 pin headers (affiliate link).  You’ll want both the header(s) and the male connector(s) with wires attached for simplicity. You could also use a 3-pin header like these (affiliate link). Either should work just fine, whichever is easiest/cheapest for you to acquire. Just don’t get angled connectors. I just happened to have the 4-pins laying around.


Once you have the header, it’s mostly a matter of soldering it on. I placed mine on the bottom side of the board as I wanted to be able to keep the header in place with an FPV camera on-board. If you place the head on top, it’ll likely get in the way with your FPV camera.

flash port silverware e011

Once you solder the header on (being very careful not to bridge connections), it’s simply a matter of connecting your male side’s wires to your ST-link programmer. On mine, I joined the wires together with solder and then placed a bit of heat shrink around the joint. The wire colors aren’t important, just make sure that you match them pin to pin. In other words, as long as you’re using this particular set of pins (the one at the very front of the flight controller), the labeling all matches up. It is NOT reversed like the SWIO and SWCLK pins are on the bottom pads.

You only need SWIO, SWCLK and Ground – DO NOT connect the V+ pin to anything. You’ll note in my image above, I just ripped that wire out completely.

stlink programmer e011

Once you’ve put this together, you can easily program and re-program your e011 flight controller with silverware (or anything else for that matter).

The 4 pin header only weighs 0.1 gram as an added bonus. I’d imagine the 3 pin is even lighter. It is so much easier to work with silverware now.

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