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Eachine E011 Mods: Stock Transmitter Range Modification

Eachine E011 Mods: Stock Transmitter Range Modification

Want to increase the range on your E011 toy transmitter?

Di-Pole antennas like the ones on the E011 and in the E011 receiver work best when they’re oriented in the same direction and when the tips of the antennas are never facing the TX or the RX. I’ve also found that they work substantially better when they’re not flat against a circuit board. I don’t know the technical reason, but I know it works in the real world :).

This modification has been detailed elsewhere and is generally possible on nearly all toy grade micro quads, as long as the antenna on the flight controller and the controller are not integrated into the circuit boards.

On the E011, the flight controller antenna is usually laying flat against the flight controller. Simply standing it upright makes a massive difference in signal quality. You can make a hole in your camera’s canopy or in the stock lego board to allow for this. You can also simply stand it up if you fly with the circuit board bare. Keep in mind though that if yo have to keep moving it back and forth you’ll eventually break the solder joint, so try to find a way to secure and protect the antenna in it’s upright position.

On the toy transmitter, you’ll need to remove 3 screws to access the antenna.

Usually it’s wrapped around itself on the backside of the circuit board. Simply unwrap it and then make a small hole in the top to run it through. I used a xacto knife and simply spun it around a few times to create a tiny hole to slide the wire through.

Once you’ve slid the antenna through, you will likely want it oriented upright as shown.

I will post a video shortly comparing the distances reached with each configuration, as well as with a transmitter modified with an aftermarket antenna.

While you’re at it — why not make the E011 toy transmitter quieter too?

Eachine E011 Mods: Quiet Toy Transmitter Beeper

Eachine E011 Mods: Quiet Toy Transmitter Beeper

If you’re using the stock toy transmitter for the E011/bwhoop, you may have noticed the “BEEP!” at startup and pairing is useful — but extremely loud. You may have found this to be especially true if you’re using a silverware flashed E011/bwhoop flight controller with the toy transmitter. It’ll drive you mad when you press the throttle button down for headless mode or for “return to home”, especially if you’re no longer using it for that purpose but rather to activate race mode for example.

Here’s a quick way to make the beep(ing) much, much, much quieter. All you need is a hot glue gun and the screw driver that comes with the E011.

Step 1. Remove the 3 screws on the back

Step 2. Remove the 4 screws on the circuit board

Step 3. Find the buzzer, put some hot glue on it. The more you surround and cover the top, the quieter it’ll be. 

Quieted Piezo Electric Beeper

I covered the top and lightly covered the sides, it’s now quiet enough that it can sometimes be difficult to hear when the quad is nearby and I’m inside. In other words, substantially quieter.

You can also remove the buzzer/beeper all together if you’d like by simply de-soldering.

Hope that helps you!