Half your Final Export Review Time with Preflight Check

Half your Final Export Review Time with Preflight Check

After hours of editing, your project is finally complete and ready to deliver to the client. Time for the final review process of checking all of that exported footage for defects. If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is ship final exports to a client with an obvious defect such as one of those obnoxious Warp Stabilizer banners that slipped through during a quick playback of the files. The time and expense to update those files (or worse, optical media) is just something I don’t have.

Preflight Check is a simple utility I had developed that greatly reduces the time it takes to review final exports and will hopefully protect you against awkward conversations.

With Preflight Check, in seconds you will be able to:

  • Check for Warp Stabilizer Banners – If you shoot events and utilize warp stabilizer at all, you know how easy it can be to miss one of these, especially in a complex project file. This utility will check all your video files for warp stabilizer banners and if found, notify you of their timecode so you can quickly remedy this issue before it gets out to a client.
  • Check to ensure a video is free of corruption and fully playable – Nothing worse than getting a client calling say their video doesn’t play all the way through!
  • Check your video for missing frames – single or a 2-3 frame grouping of unintentional black frames caused by a gap in your timeline.

All files are analyzed quickly and any potential issues shown on screen so that they can be remedied.  You can also review each file visually in “warp speed” within the program to spot check for other less obvious issues.

Cost is “pay whatever you want.” Windows only at the moment. If you’d like it to be ported to Mac OS, you may put your name on the Mac version notification list below.

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Mac OS version will be developed if there is enough interest, put your name and e-mail below and we’ll notify you when and if it becomes available.


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