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Financial Toolkit

The Financial Toolkit is a kit of forms, worksheets, and special bonus video trainings that are intended to compliment my book “Your 33 Day Money Action Plan.”

As you probably read, this valuable toolkit is yours as my gift to you. In order to claim the Financial Toolkit, a $24.95 value read the following instructions:

When you click this link you’ll be forwarded to a “Cart” page with a $24.95 price listed. Enter your CLAIM CODE as your COUPON code and click apply. You’ll see the price changes to FREE (you shouldn’t be charged anything!). Complete your information and you’ll be granted access to the online toolkit.

1. Click here to “add Finacial Toolkit to cart”

2. Enter CLAIM CODE as your coupon code (changes to “free”)

3. Complete free checkout and login to your account you created during checkout to access the toolkit and bonus videos!