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Magic Money Booklets

I have discontinued the Magic Money Booklets, and they’ll be removed from the 2nd edition of “Your 33 Day Money Action Plan” Primarily, because they were far too expensive (for you) to produce in numbers under several hundred thousand at a time – so, not very practical for anyone involved. Fortunately, the magic is in the methodology, not the actual thing you use to do it :).

Never Fear ! I have found a ready-made solution that is comparable for those of you who’d like to track your expenses via your wallet…An ATM Debit/Credit register (which is the size of a CC/ATM card). These can go in your wallet or there are cases that can hold it and your card. Not quite as purpose-built as the old magic money booklets, but will definitely get the job done! Just remember to only write down what you spent and the rounder dollar amount, just because it’s a register doesn’t mean you need to worry about or trip yourself up by committing to balancing it.

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You might also ask at your bank. They sometimes have them and they’re usually free when they do.